Love You Most Stationary

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Show your affection for your favorite person—your sweetest, most wonderful love! These 20 playful compliment cards are here to help you offer heartfelt affection on an anniversary, on a birthday, or on a regular Monday! They are perfect for tucking into a mirror, under a windshield wiper, or inside a card to add good feelings to any day. The set’s bright and colorful sleeved box features elegant gold foil stamping.

Each card holds one of 20 unique messages, including:

I love your face

I’ll always choose you

You look cute today

I’m your not-so-secret admirer


Format: Slipcase box
Box Size: 6.2"W x 4.125"H x .8"D
Card Size: 3″W x 2.5"H
Card Count: 20 cards