Teardrop Threader Earrings

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Color: Amazonite
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These earrings are delicate and strong, made with intentionality. Their beauty draws people in and connects women to the stone that is powerfully stunning to them. 
Each piece has meaning. The healing gemstones and crystals offer restorative and empowerment to conquer circumstances. These earrings offer a unique threader design paired with healing gemstones.


  • Materials: Threader is 14k gold filled and the stone setting is 14k gold plated over brass

MEND Jewelry donates time, resources, and proceeds to various organizations, locally and nationally, that share in their mission to support our communities of color.

Coffee Moonstone: enhance intuition, creativity & inspire*

Zodiac: Gemini 
Chakra: Earth 

supports self-determination, combats fears, worries & creates emotional balance.*

Zodiac: Virgo 
Chakra: Spleen, heart & solar plexus 

Pink Chalcedony
strengthens empathy & compassion, supports pregnancy & bonding of family*

Zodiac: Pisces 
Chakra: Heart 

Smoky Quartz
grounding, cleansing stone & supports the energy needed to let go of what no longer serves others.  

Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius & Capricorn  
Chakra: Earth & base 

Snow Quartz
deepens inner wisdom & supports letting go of overwhelm.*

Zodiac: Cancer 
Chakra: Solar Plexus