Emma Rose Body Bar - 100% of Profit Given to JDRF

The Emma Rose Body Bar in created support of our founder's daughter, Emma Rose, and the brave courageous young people living with and managing Type 1 Diabetes.

When you purchase this body bar, 100% of the profit is donated to JDRF.

A Note From Our Founder & Visionary

Hi, I'm Meg.

I believe we each make a difference. It shows up in how we care for ourselves and others. How we engage and interact with our family, friends, teammates, community, and the greater world. We also make a difference by what we choose to purchase for ourselves and others. At Seventeen birch, we showcase brands and products that are either mission-driven, woman-owned, eco-friendly, or all of them. You can trust that with us, when you purchase products, you Choose With Purpose. Xoxo.