The Seventeen Birch concept was first a dream that began in 1999. Our founder and visionary Meg Diamond envisioned an online experience that married beautiful, people-focused products to individuals who were passionate about making purchases with intention.  

But then, as it does, life happened. As many of you have, Meg experienced the changes, beauty, and hardships of life from love, loss, children, sobriety, careers, and through the many highs and lows, maintained the courage to be brave and pursue the path towards purpose. 

Seventeen Birch launched after a season of dreaming up "what's next." Meg never lost sight of her desire to showcase a collection of brands to bring more beauty into the world and make a difference. 

The name Seventeen Birch has deep roots. It is an elegant force of nature that represents renewal, strength, and offers endless healing properties. Our desire is that everyone who encounters Seventeen Birch finds inspiration and revived hope.